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WELCOME TO HAMAZKAYIN ANI DANCE COMPANY                                                                 

The Ani Dance Company isn't just a company. It is a collaboration. Dedicated and passionate people who come together to make sure our commitment to the best is upheld, and available to all who seek it out. From our dancers, artistic directors, committee members, alumni and many volunteers, the Ani Dance Company family works tirelessly to ensure that we stay true to our unique vision and commitment.

The Ani Dance Company has performed approximately two hundred performances in the past thirty-five years. Performances include San Francisco, San Diego, Fresno, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Baton Rouge, Detroit, Chicago, Washington D.C., Canada, Armenian Heritage Cruise XI, Yerevan, Gumri and Artsakh.

"The brilliance of dance is a gift. It takes more than a great dancer to make a great company. It takes the dedication and support of every member"


Join Us
Come and join the experience, the atmosphere and the opportunity of performing while maintaining your Armenian heritage. Our purpose is to give the opportunity to each dancer to perform and thrive in the company. We are looking for dedicated, talented and passionate dancers to bring out the talent in every individual. For details please click here.

Volunteer Opportunities
It takes an enormous amount of time and effort to run an organization like Ani Dance Company efficiently. That's why we gratefully welcome volunteer assistance in our administrative task. Duties include organizing performances, event planning, assistance during performances, fundraising and recruiting. If you are interested to be part of us, please contact us.

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